Site Safety

Gutknecht Construction Site Safety

Say Yes to Site Safety!

No job is so urgent and no task so important that you cannot take time to do it safely. From the Construction Employee Safety Handbook: BASIC ON-SITE SAFETY RULES

  • Hardhats must be worn at all times
  • Steel toe boots must be worn at all times
  • Eye protection is required if air borne debris is possible.
  • Ear protection must be worn around machinery and tools with elevated noise levels
  • A dust mask or respirator must be worn in dusty conditions
  • Well fitting work clothes free of loose or hanging material is required
  • Proper use of ladders and safety harnesses when working above ground level
  • Keep work areas clean and safe. Clutter is a work site hazard
  • Any material thought to be hazardous must be reported to a supervisor immediately. i.e. asbestos, chemicals, unfamiliar odor, gas clouds, etc.
  • Safety is a team concept. Do not hesitate to ask for assistance. i.e. lifting, climbing, etc.
  • Think Safety, Talk Safety, Act Safely

Question regarding safety issues should be addressed to Tom Beddow, Safety Director (614) 532-5410