Launched in 2011, the Concrete Technologies Division offers the same transparent, Client-driven Gutknecht Construction approach, specialized to the concrete restoration industry. As infrastructure ages, many agencies, both Private and Public, look to firms like ours to make structural and cosmetic repairs to horizontal and vertical concrete structures. This ranges from sidewalks to public recreation works, from parking garages to professional sports stadiums.

Offering leading technology and catered solutions, we approach each job as a unique, stand-alone job, while employing methods and expertise mastered over years of experience. Majority of our work within the Concrete Technologies Division is self-performed, giving Clients a secure sense of quality assurance and warranty. Gutknecht Construction holds many concrete and restorative-focused certifications, further ensuring the highest quality, guaranteed results for our Clients. Gutknecht Construction is an Ohio BWC Drug-Free Approved Contractor, and qualified to work on local, state, and federal level public projects. Gutknecht Construction is a registered contractor and available for work in several states.