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Our mission is simple - Excellence. We strive for excellence in all we do, from excellence in design and construction; our team members to our connections with industry partners; to our relationships with Clients. We believe the key to achieving Excellence is through effective communication, transparency, and cultivating a Team of dedicated professionals who share the common goal of Excellence.


We believe that our Clients’ projects are an investment in the future. For over 45 years, Gutknecht Construction has been a construction leader in the Columbus area, entrusted with delivering projects that exceed Client expectations. Our construction approach is collaborative and “hands-on”, and is driven by a common commitment to meeting our Clients’ needs. With an eye toward the future, Gutknecht takes pride in our ability to adapt and transform with the increased demands on construction firms to meet ever-changing guidelines and standards while employing the same character in which Gutknecht was founded.


We believe the Gutknecht Construction Team distinguishes ourselves from other firms through our people. Gutknecht is comprised of passionate and experienced professionals who excel in managing projects from inception through close-out. As a small, employee-owned firm, we are able to provide customized, catered construction solutions for each Client, prioritizing our Clients’ interests throughout the build process. We firmly believe communication is the cornerstone for every projects’ success, and we pride ourselves in our accessibility and approachability, which translates to the exciting, collaborative build process recognized by our Clients today.